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Zvooq for Android requests to buy subscription again

Please, follow the next steps in a stable internet connection area, check for the synchronization and wait for it to end:

  • Log off from you Zvooq account in the app.
  • Log in with the account, that got the premium subscription.

In a case that previous steps didn't work, send us a mail to support@zvooq.com with the following information (you can do it straight from the app as well):

  • Screenshot with your profile settings (in the bottom of the main menu);
  • Information about the way you paid for the subscription;
  • Screenshot of the payment confirmation letter.

If you lost the letter from Google, you can find your payment information with your Google Wallet payments list:

  • Enter the full version of the Google Wallet website with your browser (http://wallet.google.com/manage) and log into your account with your login and password.
  • Go to the "Purchase" section.
  • Find your purchase by the corresponding date and name of the device.
  • On the right side click on the link "View Order".

Send us screenshots with information about purchases, which clearly shows the number of orders.

Providing this information will help us to deal with the problem really fast.

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