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Zvooq on Android asking me to pay for the subscription I've already purchased

Please, complete the following steps in a stable internet connection zone. Wi-Fi is highly preferred:


  • Log out of your Zvooq account;
  • restart your device and open the app again;
  • log in to the app with the account you have the premium subscription on and wait for the synchronization to end. This usually takes a couple of minutes.


If the previous steps didn't resolve the issue, send us the information listed below to support@zvooq.com or right from the app:

1. In-app screenshots with your login and subscription information:


  • In the top-left corner of the screen press the three lines menu.
  • then select your username:
  • now take a screenshot of your username and your subscription plan.


2. Subscription payment confirmation:

  • Open the http://wallet.google.com/manage and enter your Google account;
  • go to the "Transactions";
  • find your Zvooq purchase by the corresponding date and name of the device;
  • press the transaction to see details;
  • send us a screenshot with information about purchases, which clearly shows the number of orders.
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